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About, is a pioneer broadband Internet telephony service provider. Providing free sip accounts and DIDs to over 140,000 users worldwide. provides VoIP solutions for Residential, Business and Mobile VoIP customers. Delivering high quality call routes at low rates. Founded in 2004, is privately held and based in San Jose, CA.

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  • 140,000+ active sip telephone users in 195 countries.
  • 500+ business servers in production using our iPBX - open source ser/asterisk solution.
  • 10,000 celular voip users. iPhone, Nokia Symbian OS, Windows Mobile Phones.

    Why choose ?

  • Fonosip reviews
  • Because we are dedicated to providing the best VoIP service available.
  • Over 10 million calls completed.
  • Video call support.
  • Fully redundant SIP network.
  • Local SIP servers in US east coast, US west coast, Europe, Hong Kong.
  • Redundant Nextone SoftSwitch Termination.
  • Worldwide Telco TDM connections.
  • Virtual Numbers (DIDs) in 48 countries, 5000 Cities.
  • Open SIP network, ENUM support.
  • You can use our service in any country.
  • Press Releases

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  • Why choose ?

    Because we are dedicated to providing the best VoIP service available. Over 10 million calls completed. 130,000 users in 195 countries. Local SIP servers in US east, west coast, Europe. Worldwide Telco TDM connections.

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