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Make your Internet Faster, more Private and Safer with AdBlock

Works on iPad, IOS, Mac. No software to install. It is a network based DNS Service.

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    Premium Multi Device and Business Plans

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    Works with Safari. Any Web Browser / Any Platform

    Multi Device

    You can configure it for your computers, iPad, iPhone WiFi and more devices on your network. A great Value!

    Except on iPhone mobile networks, as DNS can not be changed. It will work on WiFi for iPhone.

    Block Tracking Sites

    Many sites use Web bugs and analytics to track where you go on the Internet. AdBlock stops these sites from invading your privacy and slowing your connection.

    Block Ads within Apps

    AdBlock stops advertisements within Apps. Also blocks Ads from appearing in MSN, Yahoo!, and AOL messaging programs at the source. No more annoying pop-up animated ads!

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How is AdBlock different from other ad-blocking services?
  • AdBlock does not require installing any software on your computer and works with any Web browser on any computer.

  • Q: We only use Apple computers in our household, can we still use AdBlock
  • Yes, AdBlock will work with Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox on Apple computers.

  • Q: Will AdBlock work on my iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile Internet device?
  • Yes, although some providers give no option to configure your DNS servers in order to use AdBlock (For example it will not work on 3G connections only on WiFi)

  • Q: Will AdBlock also restrict pornograhic ads?
  • AdBlock is not specifically designed to remove pornographic ads, however we make every attempt to block ads from known ad distribution networks.

  • Q: I live in Toronto, will AdBlock work in Canada?
  • Yes, AdBlock will work from any location, however we concentrate our efforts on blocking advertising on the most popular sites for U.S. Internet users.

  • Q: Does AdBlock track where I go on the Internet?
  • AdBlock does not log any personally identifiable information whatsoever. See details at the Privacy Policy

  • Q: I noticed an ad the other day surfing the web, should I report that to AdBlock Support?
  • AdBlock will not block 100% of Internet advertising. Our goal is to eliminate banner and Flash advertisements on the most popular sites, and block the most widely used advertising distributors.

  • Q: Duration of the AdBlock Premium DNS service

    Make sure you check the AdBlock DNS IP Addresses at least once every 6 months, as they can change. The AppStore purchase includes AdBlock DNS service for 1 year. After that time you will need to repurchase the app for a new year of service.

  • Q: What kind of banners will it block ?

    AdBlock is designed to block Banner and Flash advertising on the most popluar sites, and to block ads coming from the largest advertising networks.

    AdBlock will work for anyone, anywhere in the world, but our focus is on popular U.S. Websites. Our servers are centrally located in the U.S.

  • Q: Do you offer Corporate Service ?

    Yes, you can point your corporate routers to our Filtering DNS service. We offer volume discounts per user.

    Also available custom filter lists and access policies running on your own dedicated virtual dns servers.

    Corporate, ISP, school and campus filtering bundles also available.

    Multi Device and Business Plans

    Ad Filtering FAQ

    Free AdBlock -- Config -- FAQ -- Share

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