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Phone Service via VoIP

In general, phone service via VoIP is free or costs less than equivalent service from traditional sources but similar to alternative Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service providers. Some cost savings are due to utilizing a single network to carry voice and data, especially where users have existing underutilized network capacity they can use for VoIP at no additional cost. VoIP to VoIP phone calls on any provider are typically free, whilst VoIP to PSTN calls generally costs the VoIP user.

VoIP for Travellers

VoIP has become a major provider of phone services to travellers, migrant workers and ex-pats, who either, due to not having a fixed or mobile phone or high overseas roaming charges, choose instead to use VoIP services to make their phone calls. Pre-Paid phone cards can be used either from a normal phone or from Internet Cafes that have phone services. The undeveloped markets are usually markets where Pre-Paid cards are used; however in cities with high tourist or immigrant communities they are also common.

FAX over IP

One drawback is the difficulty in sending faxes due to software and networking restraints in most home systems. However, an effort is underway to define an alternate IP-based solution for delivering Fax-over-IP, namely the T38 protocol.

Internet call

A call which uses special software and/or hardware to be placed over the Internet instead of the traditional telephone networks. These calls can be made or receives using your computer or other internet enabled device.


SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a set of rules that govern the format of the coded messages which are exchanged during an Internet call. SIP is the most popular VoIP standard because it is an open standard.

SIP number

username and sip number are the same on our network

DID (Direct-Inward-Dial)

A special telephone service in which there is no direct relationship between one line and a specific telephone number, but where many different numbers can be served by the same trunk or group of trunks. To specify which number was called, identifying digits are dialed on the trunk and decoded by the equipment. By definition, calls can only be received with this type of service, however, many phone companies have enhanced DID service so that calls can be made on DID trunks as well.

DID Numbers

A group of usually consecutive numbers, often in multiples of 20 or 100 that are used for DID service. The numbers have no unique physical line and calls cannot be placed on a DID number.

DID Trunks

The physical lines that DID calls are received on. Many DID numbers can be handled on a few DID trunks. Although phone companies and telephony engineers often recommend ratios as low as one trunk for each six numbers, the common reality for the telemessaging industry is a much higher ratio, such as 1:25. ANI (Automatic Number Identification): A telephone company service that provides the telephone number of the calling party (and sometimes their name) electronically to the called party while the phone is ringing. It is a more sophisticated version of caller ID.

PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

The PSTN is the means by which most landline telephone calls are routed. It is the collection of interconnected systems operated by the various telephone companies and administrations around the world. The PSTN is also known as the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS).

Cellular Network

This is the network by which most mobile phone calls travel. It is a radio network consisting of a number of radio cells and transmitters. These are used to cover different areas in order to provide radio coverage over a wider area than the area of one cell.

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