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How students can save money traveling across the world

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Yey!!!  July is here and for most of the students that means that it’s time for a study-break :D .

While some of you already packed your bags, got a map and bought tickets for a nice trip across the world, others might go abroad for an internship or for a Work and Travel experience.  Or maybe you just made plans to visit a long lost relative in the Never-Never Land or at least you have a friend who might do that.

Well, I would like to tell you how you can save your money for more important things like beer fruit juice, while abroad: Using FonoSIP.

Staying in touch with our friends and family it's really important but the roaming fees, for a traveling student with a fixed budget, are kind of expensive.  Also taking your laptop with you just to be available online for your friends is not an option when you DEFINITELY need that extra pair of sun glasses :D!

So how exactly can FonoSIP save you money?

First of all we want to share some good news for European travelers: mobile roaming charges dropped across Europe on the 1st of July, and a megabyte of data now costs only 85p.  That means that you can connect even on the mobile network and still not pay a fortune when you go back home. You can see the roaming rates for your country on the European Commission’s website.

Also you might want to check the list of 100 Free and Useful Web Tools for Students Abroad, you can find there are some useful tips and tricks on how to balance your finances while abroad. And, if you want to save some money using technology here is an interesting article.

Well, coming back to FonoSIP and free calls, all you really need is a mobile phone that can connect to internet via Wi-Fi and supports internet calling.

Nowadays you can find free Wi-Fi networks almost everywhere: hotels, hostels, bars, restaurants, McDonalds, Starbucks or… just walking down the street.

Once you found and connected to Wi-Fi, you can start FonoSIP on your mobile and you can call your friends from FonoSIP, Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Google Talk for free, wherever they are in the world.

Even if you don’t want to talk with anyone, you can still let your friends know what you are doing and where are you Tweeting from Nimbuzz.  How to tweet from Nimbuzz? Just sign-in to the twitter community, and every time you update your personal message your twitter status is updated.

Need to talk to grandma on her fixed-landline, to say Hello” from Paris, New York or Tokyo. Easy! Use your SkypeOut credit with Nimbuzz or one of our VoIP partners.  This way grandma is happy and you have more money!

So this is how you can travel across the world, keep in touch with your friends and family and still have money to get a beer at the end of the day. (Plus you have space for the extra pair of sun glasses : D)

All you have to do is download Nimbuzz, install it on your mobile and remember to tell your friends about it!

I hope this helps you! I would be happy to hear you thoughts in the comment section!

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