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SAN JOSE, Calif., Jul 30 /PRNewswire/ -- designed for the business and residential markets which features one VoIP account providing VoIP solutions anywhere in the world with or without a VoIP device. enables customers use their VoIP service like Vonage to replace their phone company at home and at the office, or like Skype to make free phone/video calls with other users,

In addition, they can receive calls under any phone number from 40+ countries regardless of where they live.

"While VoIP brings the advantage of cheaper phone calls anywhere with broadband Internet connection and with any VoIP product, with most VoIP providers you are still locked to their equipment, you still need to pay monthly fees when you don't use it or when you are on vacation, and need different contracts, if you are a residential user or a small business user." notes Jaime Garcia Ghirelli, founder and CEO of "Our new VoIP phone service will revolutionize the way people subscribe to telephone service. will free you not only from higher phone bills but also from contracts with phone companies. With our service, you open one VoIP account and with bring your own device option, you can choose any SIP supported VoIP device and use the service at home with your standard phone, use at the office with your IP Phone or IP-PBX system or use on the road with your PC and even with your Nokia, iPhone or Windows Mobile phones" bundled VoIP solutions provides the best features of Internet Phone and Calling Card in one service; the Internet Phone Service provides a call quality virtually indistinguishable from that of a landline and delivers free features not available with traditional phone services such as caller ID, conferencing, voicemail and Free Calls between subscribers.

To receive calls, provides a free US phone number from Washigton State, or DIDs from any area code of your choice or International virtual phone number from 40 countries.

So no matter where you are you can always have your VoIP account to make/receive cheap and free International calls. with Pay-as-you-Go service has no contracts, no monthly fee, no setup or disconnection fee and its 30 days money back guarantee eliminates the risk of signing up for this leading edge service. Headquartered in California, plans initially to serve the U.S. small-businesses and residential markets before expanding worldwide.

About, is a pioneer broadband Internet telephony service provider. Providing free sip accounts and DIDs to over 130,000 users worldwide. provides VoIP solutions for Residential, Business and Mobile VoIP customers. Customers benefit from high quality calls at low rates, and no monthly payments. Founded in 2004, is privately held and based in San Jose, CA. Additional information on can be found at .

    CONTACT: Laura Moral, 1-360-226-7665 or
    Web site:

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Should you decide to cancel your account for any reason, our money-back guarantee is available within 30 days of the first payment. We will reimburse your full credit minus the completed call charges.

Why choose ?

Because we are dedicated to providing the best VoIP service available. Over 10 million calls completed. 130,000 users in 195 countries. Local SIP servers in US east, west coast, Europe. Worldwide Telco TDM connections.

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