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  • Fring forum user nean: Best SIP rates around. seems to have the best sip rates around also integrates directly with fring. link
  • user xoy-voip. Can share one good Free Voip server... I've been using it for a while now.. I can apply it to any SIP phones, it doesn't require your phone to be Skype ready or any other provider ready.. all you need is make an account at then make your own extension number. link

  • user macgilr: I get an account with, it works fine, of course I haven't much calls to my number because I'm in Mexico and my friends too, but I get it for demonstrations purposes now that I begin with VoIP recommendations/business. link

  • Recommended 4 stars, tested with Fritz! Box. Full review (in german) link google translated

  • user Patrick_elx: Asterisk community and PBX distribution Elastix. VoIP provider recommendations forum topic. link

  • Voxalot VoIP Reviews FonoSIP 4 stars out of 5 link

  • Voxalot user elyask87. I've decided to switch VoIP providers to FonoSIP which had pretty good ratings in the providers list. I've setup my account at FonoSIP and then used the settings I found at the FonoSIP site to set it up in Voxalot link

  • KolmiSoft feature article: FonoSIP Accepts Paypal & CC - FREE trial - UP and running in 5 minutes. link

  • AvecMobile Finland: VoIP for smartphones fonosip recomendation article link

  • Reviews 4 stars out of 5. Broadband phone service compatible with most SIP phone adapters. Pay as you go broadband phone 1.9 cents/min USA with no monthly fee. link

  • Make Free International VOIP Calls Using FonoSIP. This service comes with convenient flat rate plans and a clear voice quality. link

  • Google Checkout Reviews 3.5 stars out of 5 link

  • McAfee Net Safety: We tested this site and didn't find any significant problems. Tested downloads, online affiliations. link

  • Dollarat:Get your own USA phone number that rings in your home country , just using internet line and PC for FREE. Customer HowTo and comments link

  • Paypal Business Verified Member since 2004 link

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