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Yes! it is possible to have an unlimited FonoSIP mobile phone using a personal mobile hotspot and a wifi sip phone.

  • You can use the new Mobile Hotspot from Verizon/Novatel MiFi Sprint
  • For the VoIP part we recommend an ipod touch with softphone. Or a Nokia E63-2.
  • Verizon $40/month MiFi data plans includes 250 Megabytes data per month. 10 cents a megabyte above that.
  • 20 hours of voip calls using the GSM codec will consume only 200 MBytes.
  • If you use a nokia series N or E you can use the G729 codec and 20 hours of voip calls will only consume 100 MBytes.

    See more details at codec speed table

    Where to buy the hardware

    Links to purchase the hardware at
    Novatel MiFi 2200 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Modem (Verizon Wireless) $0.01
    Novatel MiFi 2200 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Modem (Sprint) $0.01 with service plan Portable wireless hub for up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices at one time--including PCs, phones, VoIP buy now at amazon
    Cradlepoint CRADLE-PHS300 Personal Hotspot $179.99

    The CTR-350 creates a secure Wi-Fi hotspot from broadband-enabled cellular phones and modems. This product plus an iPod Touch will enable you to have an unlimited FonoSIP Mobile Phone! buy now at amazon microphone $4.77 Siphon Howto

    Apple 8 GB iPod touch $214.97

    The iPod touch features Apple's revolutionary multi-touch user interface and WiFi networking. Makes a great SIP phone with custom softphone. buy now at amazon siphon softphone

    Nokia E63-2 Unlocked Cell Phone $169.99

    Nokia E63-2 Unlocked Cell Phone with 2 MP Camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, Media Player, MicroSD Slot--U.S. Version with Full U.S. Warranty (Ultramarine Blue) buy now at amazon Fring config Fonosip config config

    VoIP Software and Config

    iPod Touch V2

    new fring SIP support for Apple iPhone or iTouch V2 iTunes link supports incomming calls on firmware 3.0

    Or search the app store for VoIP Softphone Siphon, Weephone or iPico

    For Jailbroken iPhone 3G and iPod Touch V2
    Search cydia for Siphon (free softphone app that works on 3G and WiFi) Siphon Howto


    Built-in softphone on Nokia Series N and E

    HowTo install Nokia E60, E61 E63, N70, N71 N80 N95

    Note that some firmware versions on Nokias are blocked for voip. In that case install the fring software

    Web Reviews

  • Wired - The Mifi is a tiny, battery powered EVDO modem which sits in your pocket and turns the incoming 3G radio waves into a small Wi-Fi network, enabling you to hook up your laptop, iPod Touch or anything else with a Wi-Fi radio. This last is pretty exciting on its own as it effectively turns an iPod Touch into an iPhone without a phone.

    The difference with the Mifi is that it is so tiny and, according to the New York Times. David Pogue, ridiculously easy to use. It will run for 40 hours in standby, much like a cellphone, and when you hit the single switch on the side it springs (or rather, stirs) into life, firing up a little 30 foot bubble of Wi-Fi around you. Once on, the battery will give five hours of surfing but can be plugged into the power as it goes to re-juice the batteries.

    Of course, its a cellular modem, so you have some rather low data caps. The $40-a-month plan limits you to just 250MB (yes, megabytes) and jumping to $60 gives the industry-standard 5GB. You can share the connection with up to five devices

  • amazon - Have hotspot will travel! This is a great device! I've purchased both the CTR350 and this device to create mobile hotspots using my Sprint U595 devices. It was dead simple to set up (literally charged it up, plugged my device into it and it worked)
  • Review of the PHS300, By Monstermatch LTD (London UK) - This is an excellent product and can be used anywhere in any country. I only had to buy a US to UK plug to fit the charger which is a minor detail. As soon as you plug in a USB Modem soon after you have three green lights and your own WiFi Hot Spot. Trust the Americans to invent this. It will put commercial hot spots out of business if it catches on widely. I recommend the Cradlepoint PHS300 to anyone in need of their own personal WiFi Hot Spot.
  • Fantastic Gadget, By D. Isenor "firetwuck" (Indianapolis, IN) I bought this item a week ago and I totally love it. A battery (li-ion) powered portable WiFi unit, whodathunkit? Setup was a breeze, I just plugged in my AT&T 881U and after a minute we were online. I logged in and ran the wizard, then the firmware update and we were all set.

    As with all routers, if you use WEP, your range will drop. Use MAC filtering or the "web page" login options for security. I have multiple iPhones and laptops hooked up to it and it handles them like a champ. I'm going to try to use VOIP through it VIA my iPhone next. Highly recommended. Oh, the the Cradlepoint website has a lot of helpful information too.

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